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Media Strategies
Connectivity leverages millions in media for our national and local client's throughout the country. We can typically increase a client's buying power, while reducing their spend, by over 20%!

Connectivity is at the forefront of ever-changing digital media inventory and platforms. It's all about how best to target multi-screen viewing! Our clients get access to invite-only RTB inventory, as well as our custom tracking tools.

Out-of-Home only works if it truly stands out! See why clients like Pabst Brewing Company and Cirque du Soleil have turned to Connectivity to create incredible and efficient Out-of-Home experiences for their brands.

We dare you to ask your current agency if they have a Promotions Manager! We do - which helps us develop true no-cost added value programs for our clients, which most agencies just can't handle.

Why Choose Us?

  • Know

    People want to do business with brands they know, like and trust. What’s changed is how you connect to them. Connectivity was built to efficiently connect our clients to their core consumers!
  • Like

    We buy media very aggressively. It's typically what our clients like most about us! We have a team of previous national media sellers, buyers, promotions managers and more. That insider knowledge helps us truly leverage the most media for the least cost to our clients.
  • Trust

    Our clients trust us with millions of dollars and we don't take that lightly. At Connectivity, we have built a reputation for treating each client dollar as if it was a dollar of our own. Why? Because the more efficiently and targeted we buy, the greater likelihood the campaign will be successful - the barometer that matters most!

Recent Client Work

Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Cirque du Soliel

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Deep Eddy Vodka

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Gold & Diamond Source

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Old Style Chicago

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Connectivity Tweets

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